Psychiatric Evaluation

The first visit requires a 60-90 minute comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which may include testing and is used to diagnose possible mental health conditions. At the end of the evaluation, the patient and practitioner will discuss the diagnosis and plan of treatment. The treatment plan may include medication and a referral to therapy for additional support.

Medication Management

At Be Well Behavioral Health we practice from a holistic approach but sometimes medication is necessary. This may be suggested by the prescriber as some diagnoses require more than therapy alone. We utilize up-to-date evidence-based practices to help you achieve and maintain optimal mental health.


Telepsychiatry is a service we provide where patients can be seen via a secured HIPAA-compliant audio/visual software platform. Telepsychiatry provides an interaction between the practitioner and the patient similar to coming into the office for medication management and therapy but instead, you will be looking at the practitioner from the computer screen. You must be an established patient first before engaging in telepsychiatry and not all insurances will cover this service. If you have a scheduled appt to telepsychiatry

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Several factors go into choosing which medications may support a diagnosis, such as age and weight. Although these medications are commonly prescribed each person is unique and with this may respond differently. Pharmacogenetic testing can offer insight to the prescribing provider as to why a patient has failed multiple medications or if medication doses need to be adjusted to avoid drug to drug interactions. The test is performed in the office and is non-invasive and not all insurances will cover this service.

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